Henri Mazelier

STYLE #210000001738

Henri Mazelier’s Le Grand Couteau à Fromage (Large Cheese Knife) and Platter was impeccably designed by Cédric Ragot. It is created to masterly cut a wide variety of cheeses, from those that are soft to those with a hard rind. The Large Cheese Knife is weighted with a magnet, allowing the knife to be fixed to the Platter when not in use. The platter is made of PaperStone an eco-product made of recycled paper and resin; this material will not dull knives and is optimal for serving food.

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Dimensions + Knife: 11.8" long, 1.37" wide, 1.6" high Platter: 17" x 13"
Design Year + Designed by Cédric Ragot
Country of Manufacturer + Made in France
Color + Color: Black
Care + Platter: Dishwasher Safe

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