“Half Summer, Half Sauce” a Summer Cocktail

Summer Cocktail Recipe Half Summer Half Sauce Huzza Blog

Half Summer Half Sauce Cocktail Huzza Blog

Summer Cocktail Recipe Half Summer Half Sauce Huzza Blog

The “Half Summer, Half Sauce” is a mix of the summer season (watermelon) and the sauce (vodka). While creating this drink, we wanted something that wasn’t too sweet, but still embodied the freshness of summer. We found fresh watermelon juice to be a natural “sweet” that allowed us to get away from adding additional sugars as one does with a simple syrup, for example. The mint and lime complement the watermelon perfectly while the soda water makes the cocktail extra-fresh. By using in-season ingredients, you’ll be sure to recognize and appreciate the familiar tastes. We hope you enjoy the freshness and simplicity of this summer cocktail as much as we do.

Half Summer Half Sauce


• 2 oz good vodka
• 2 oz fresh organic watermelon juice
• 3 organic mint leaves
• 1 organic lime
• soda water


• Juice watermelon and strain to remove excess pulp (we got approximately 12 ounces from a single small watermelon).
• Muddle 2 mint leaves at the bottom of a Double Old Fashioned cocktail glass with juice from a quarter lime.
• Add the vodka and watermelon juice to a shaker filled with ice. Shake well.
• Strain into DOF glass filled with ice.
• Top off with soda water.
• Slap a single mint leaf in your hand to release the oils and aromatics. Garnish. Sip and enjoy!

In this shoot we used our Double Old Fashioned Glass Holder, a smart piece designed by Paola Navone that quickly becomes essential when serving a group and transporting drinks from the bar. This caddy pairs seamlessly with Defne Koz’s Su Decoro Double Old Fashioned Glass highlighting its delicate silkscreen lines. Astier de Villatte’s Simple Vase, here on the table, is a must-have for heaping summer bouquets.
For more cocktail accessories and inspiration look to our full collection of barware.

Photography: Cody MacCready
Styling: Tobin MacCready
Writing: Tobin MacCready

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