A Simple Summer Evening

Huzza Simple Evening 2014

A Simple Evening is the creation of Megan and Mike Gilger, two blog entrepreneurs with a passion for communal gatherings. The aim of their Simple Evenings is to bring people together while enjoying great food prepared by a guest chef. Our evening was packed with Northern Michigan prided individuals; who are devoted to presenting the best of this region and pushing it to new heights. One such example is American Spoon Foods; a Northern Michigan artisanal preserves company established in 1982. American Spoon co-hosted the evening with us, providing a sensational menu and endless delectable beverages.

We have a difficult time saying no to a good party, and love opportunities to share our incredible product, so when approached by Megan and Mike we were naturally enthusiastic to participate. We’ve got the goods- invite the guests! Bring on the food! Set the table…wait, what table? How the hell does one serve twenty people without a table? Our simple evening quickly became a little less simple.

But as we know, the tough get going- we banded together designed and built a custom table, affixed with a trough, worthy of any outdoor feast. The late nights building and painting were well worth it; our black picnic tables became the perfect backdrop for the party. Keeping a fairly neutral pallet with hints of color we were able to create a space that welcomed American Spoon’s dynamic food and captured the essence of late summer gatherings in Michigan.

Huzza SIMPLE_Evening_1

Our Simple Evening began with American Spoon’s red truck rolling into the drive packed with food. As we made up the table Chris Dettmer, American Spoon head chef, and Nick Roznowski got to work preparing hors d’oeuvres and dinner in the kitchen. It was fabulous to watch the two cheerfully address each dish with elegance. It’s no wonder that everything they made left us happily gorged, their generous attitude toward the evening plus Michigan’s best seasonal produce shined in each dish.

American Spoon is known for their great attention to detail and quality ingredients. A mentality for only the finest, and a deep respect of seasonal offerings has been essential to founder Justin Rashid’s process since the beginning. This brand, born from the rich bounty of Northern Michigan, continually celebrates our region’s beauty through food. With the help of Justin’s son, Noah, American Spoon is expanding their food offerings; their selection is incredibly vast and worth extensive exploration. One thing for certain is that each item is honestly filled to the brim with flavor.

Huzza SIMPLE_Evening_18

Huzza SIMPLE_Evening_13

Huzza Table Setting

Huzza SIMPLE_Evening_20

Outside the kitchen, guests enjoyed a beautiful late summer evening. The true simplicity of the night was the joyful presence each person brought with them. Genuine conversation, new friendships, and a fun environment blossomed with ease.

For our table scape, we chose to feature a variety of new products from Huddleson Linens, Astier de Villatte, and Sghr with a sprinkling of never-fail goods including Annieglass plates and platters. Chris presented food on Jose Regueiro’s Walnut Handle Cutting Boards, Vincent Van Duysen ceramic containers, and Astier de Villatte’s Rien Grand Salad Bowl. Horn servers, along with Astier de Villatte’s oversized Fork and Spoon in their new Stone Noir color, helped us dish out heaping plates of magnificent food. We mixed Sghr’s new Carbon Black Duo Tumbler and Old Fashioned with the tricolor favorite for subtle pops of color. Huddleson’s new Cinta Napkin in Moss brought it all together, its earthy green color linked the table to our lush outdoor surroundings.

Jose Regueiro Cutting Board

Huzza Simple Evening 2014

Simple Evening Huzza Astier de Villate

Astier de Villatte Simple Evening

Huzza Table A Simple Evening

It was a pleasure to enjoy food, drinks and an evening of company without any expectations. As all twenty of us sat down for dinner and began passing dishes around, true gratitude resonated from the table. For everyone contributed to the special feeling of the night. It’s impossible not to be grateful for the experience, for the families that have built two beautiful Michigan businesses, to the young who are continuing those businesses, to the creative, to the inventive, to another summer, and to an evening that simply unraveled in laughter.

Huzza Simple Evening

Huzza Simple Evening 2014

Huzza Simple Evening 2014


Thank you, Megan and Mike Gilger! Below we have the wonderful video the pair made of our Simple Evening together. Be sure to view more images from this Simple Evening and others by visiting Megan and Mike’s blog: The Fresh Exchange.


Photography: Cody MacCready, Mike Gilger
Video: Mike Gilger
Styling: Rad MacCready, Kate Bonsted, Tobin MacCready
Table Design: Andrew Schorfhaar, Rad MacCready
Food: Chris Dettmer, Nick Roznowski
Foral: Kate MacCready

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