Parabellum Leather Collection

Huzza has been an admirer of Parabellum since our initial introduction to the brand. We have developed a deep respect for the company and decided to document them in order to share the finer points with you. Not only are Parabellum leather goods impeccable, but Jason and Mike back it up with a genuine ferocity and passion for their work. It’s impossible not to love these guys; they design products they believe in and do so with honesty and integrity. Mike Feldman and Jason Jones are the founders of, and designers behind, Parabellum. We wanted to take you into their L.A. studio to help display the work and thought that goes into their leather pieces. Little did we know, Parabellum’s passion is indeed infectious, which inspired us to look beyond PB Headquarters to Colorado to visit the beast behind the brand, the American bison.

Parabellum’s hangar headquarters in Los Angeles is packed with new product, luscious leather hides, and heaps of copper and ceramic fixtures. All Parabellum items are designed, crafted, and shipped out from their studio, so it’s a busy place to say the least. The atmosphere strongly displays Jason and Mike’s inspiration and motivation for their work. It is clear that they are invested in providing compelling designs made with the highest quality of material.

Parabellum is the only leather good company to employ the use of Military Grade Ceramics. A material of exceptional strength and durability, Military Grade Ceramics have been worthy of space travel, used as thermal-resistant tiles on shuttles. Additionally, the ceramic material is beautiful coming in crisp white and pearly black colors.

Jason and Mike have thoughtfully considered time as an element that engages and influences their work. The decision to use copper fixtures and bison leather both reflect a respect for aging and the celebration of material over time. The copper hardware is handcrafted in America and will grow to develop a patina, reflecting the journey between item and owner.

The use of bison leather pays homage to times of old and new, presenting an animal that has had a tumultuous past with America and celebrating the creature’s relentless spirit. Spending time watching the bison move across the Colorado landscape deepened our respect for the species as well as Parabellum’s standard of only using Free Range American Bison that are able to live naturally for the full duration of their life. The bison leather has such a unique textured quality it provides a new aesthetic experience and understanding of what leather can be. The bison hides are treated at Parabellum’s family run micro-tannery, creating an end product of absurdly soft and supple leather.

The conscious effort to design with standards and respect ensures Parabellum’s products to be luxurious pieces that evolve and develop beautifully over time. Mike and Jason craft leather goods that can live hard and rough, capturing the life and spirit of their owners, with the hope of becoming heirlooms for generations to come.

Video Shot and Edited by: Jon-Michael Mooney & Blaine Dunkley

Photography: Cody MacCready

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