Find your Fragrance: i Profumi di Firenze Perfume

A well-curated perfume can become a wake of scent that you leave behind, another element of your personality, and a way of bringing joy into your day. i Profumi di Firenze, a Florentine perfumery born from the discovery of a Catherine di Medici perfume recipe, creates scents that are never synthetic or overwhelming, but rather meld to become a part of you. We talked with Miryana, our trusted source of i Profumi di Firenze about tips for identifying the right perfume for you. Her insight of each fragrance is not only informative but truly encourages one to explore new aromatic experiences.

i Profumi di Firenze perfume

i Profumi di Firenze takes special care in creating their perfume: always in small batches of natural ingredients. This particular dedication of using only essential oils and alcohol ensures that the fragrances co-mingle with the scent of the wearer. It also gives each perfume a freshness that is truer to scents one may discover in nature.

Below are some tips from Miryana. She was quick to point out that when searching for a new fragrance it is important to have an open perspective and to also understand what works well with you. She suggested beginning by assessing what you have worn in the past – do floral scents blend well with your skin? Or perhaps citrus? Do you enjoy bold scents or something light? Another way to discover the right scent is to think of where you will be while wearing the perfume. What’s appropriate for the occasion? Knowing these answers can be a simple starting point that will help you target the right fragrance.

Perfume i Profumi di Firenze
1. Fragrance is like wine. There are top, middle, and ground notes that develop and shift over time, so have patience when trying something new.

2. When you test out new fragrances, be attentive to what you like and what other people are responding to. Perfume is capable of bringing joy to your day as well as those you are spending time with.

3. Scents may react with you differently depending on the season. Our scent molecules are stronger in the heat – this shifts the chemistry and reaction with your natural odor. If you loved a scent, but it seemed too bold, try wearing it in a cooler month.

The clean fragrances of i Profumi di Firenze perfumes are unparalleled. Their scents are combined with a mindfulness that unfolds, sharing beautiful aromatic stories. We asked Miryana to walk us through a few of the fragrances that we carry at Huzza; she shared her opinion of the aura each perfume emits to get a better understanding of how the scent may enhance your day.

Plenilunio: Strawberry, amber and musk. Lightly floral, makes one feel like they are on a romantic midnight picnic under a full moon. This scent is new to the collection and is a beautiful fragrance for a special occasion.

Arancio di Sicilia: An elixir of happiness in a bottle. Made of pure Sicilian blood orange. Orange is uplifting and energizing, known to be a good mood enhancer for aromatherapy purposes. This fragrance is new to the collection, has a light positive presence and is a great option for those introducing perfume into their wardrobe.

Brezza di Mare: A scent inspired by the sea, light, and sophisticated. Brezza di Mare is a good fragrance for professionals who are around clients because of its understated yet pleasing scent. Its delicacy is perfect for the warmer months.

Vaniglia del Madagascar: A warm, versatile scent good for all seasons. Great to layer with other fragrances (with Arancio makes a playful creamsicle aroma). This fragrance is ideal for any vanilla lover.

i Profumi di Firenze perfume

Add a layer to your wardrobe through the introduction of a new fragrance! You may be surprised of its effect upon you and those around you. Remember when storing your favorite i Profumi di Firenze perfume a cool dark space is best. Heat fluctuation caused by the sun or steamy shower can damage the longevity of a perfume. For more information about i Profumi di Firenze or to shop our full collection visit Huzza’s designer page below.




Photography: Cody MacCready
Writing: Kate Bonsted
Special Thanks to Miryana Babic

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