Holiday 2017 – Something for Everyone

Carbon Cordial by Sugahara / Elm Wood Tray by Jose Regueiro – In-store Only 

The Steak Knife by Florentine Kitchen

Woodgrain Candle by IIUVO

Active Botanical Serum by Vintner’s Daughter

Senza Fine Incanto Eau de Parfum by i Profumi di Firenze

Minimalist & Tiny Bowl by Made OF Australia – In-store Only

The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine Book by Mark Twain and Philip C. Stead – In-store Only

Straight Champagne (or beer) Glass by Deborah Ehrlich

Boxwood Busa Pocket Knife by Pallarès Solsona

Vintage Veuve Clicquot Alphabet Champagne Flutes

Hard Maple Cutting Board by Jose Regueiro – In-store Only 

Walnut version – here

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