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Modern Bathroom DesignLong winters can bring out our inner sun-worshiper who itches to soak up every last ray, which isn’t necessarily the best practice for our skin. When we aren’t hitting the beach, summer also presents a continuous slew of events with friends and family. While this seasonal whirlwind takes a toll on our bodies, it would be a crime to attempt to tame such beautiful madness. It’s what we crave and love.

The practice of extending your morning routine by a few minutes to unwind is a great way to sustain much needed energy, without going out of your way. Through the process of slowing down, we are able to understand and embrace more about all of our experiences. It’s in these luxurious moments of reflection that we can cultivate happiness that resonates throughout the day. Your method of relaxation can be as simple as finding stillness in a chair, small stretches or a more extravagant spa routine, whatever works for you is best.
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With a healthy and calm presence we are ready to greet any summertime adventure, it’s important to be aware and prepare our bodies each day. To address the physical wear of the sun on our skin, we talked with expert Tammy Fender of Tammy Fender Skincare. She provided us with holistic ways to preserve our skin’s health and vitality. Below are her tips of how to make your body resilient this summer. We included a few sunburn remedies for when a long day outside gets the best of you.

1. Lemon Water: Upon waking each day, drink a glass of room temperature water with lemon and continue to internally hydrate with the elixir throughout the day. Lemon strengthens melanin production (the pigment that gives skin its color) and is an excellent source of Vitamin C, allowing the skin to become more resistant to sun-damage caused by UV radiation.

2. Antioxidant-Rich Foods: Include foods containing antioxidant-rich Vitamins A and E such as carrots, avocados and almonds. Taking these nutrients internally fight and protect against free radical damage, repair existing sun damage and offer amazing natural sun protection. They are essential for repair and extra protection!

3. Plant Butter/Oils: Plant butters melt into the skin and while feeding and nourishing the skin, they also filter UV rays, up to 25%. Our Spontaneous Recovery Creme is deeply infused with nutrient rich plant oils and is a curative heal-all, sealing in hydration and moisture, transforming the health of your skin. The Intensive Repair Balm has shea butter, which is a great hydrator. Wear these under sunscreen and double the effects by using these butters and oils in your summer cooking.

4. Dry Brush: Daily dry brushing is a fantastic way to slough off dead skin cells and allow a deeper level of absorption of moisturizing body products for balanced and glowing skin that radiates from the inside out. Try this brush from Iris Hantverk and then pair with Tammy Fender’s Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil-if burned this helps cool and heal mild sunburns.

We are our most happy when cared for, so treat yourself. Find your retreat, slow down, eat well, drink up, and relish in the beauty, fun and adventure this summer has in store. Shop our bathroom selections to create your ideal space.

Tammy Fender and Lobmeyr Glass Simple Bathroom Design

Photography: Cody MacCready
Styling: Rad MacCready
Writing: Kate Bonsted

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