Huzza Presents: Dosa Clothing – Indigo

Over many years during our buying trips we have had the pleasure of visiting with Christina Kim – founder, designer, and owner of Dosa. Learning about the inspiration behind each collection and what goes into making Dosa clothing has always been and continues to be an enlightening and captivating experience for us.

This past spring was a particularly gratifying visit with Christina and her wonderful team, at their beautiful studio and workshop in downtown L.A.

In our first ever Huzza video, Christina shares the history of her affinity for using indigo dyes and describes the labor-intensive traditional method of hand dyeing indigo to achieve the deepest blues possible. We learned how, when, and where she began working with indigo and the stimulating people she met along the way.

Shop the Dosa collection here.

Dosa Clothing Huzza

Dosa Huzza Studio Visit

Dosa Indigo

Huzza presents Dosa Clothing


Dosa Studio Shot

Dosa Studio

Dosa Clothing Fabric

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2 Responses to Huzza Presents: Dosa Clothing – Indigo

  1. Diane says:

    A very intriguing process………indigo is fascinating.

  2. I am looking for the Dosa outfit worn by Claudina Lopez in the United Airlines’ magazine featuring Oaxaca … I live in the state of Georgia, USA. I’ve located you, the dress and the shawl, would like to find the underlying white dress and pantaloons … can you help me, please?

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