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dinosaur designs resin

The world we live in is a compilation of form, texture and color. These three elements endlessly come together to create the visual symphony of the natural world. A symphony that not only stimulates our eyes but also stirs our heart. The calm of a small smooth rock, violence of bright darting fire, and silent strength of a tall tree are all examples of our emotional assessment of naturally occurring combinations of form, texture and color.

Dinosaur Designs Resin BowlBorrowing cues from mother nature, product designers become masters of creating objects that visually and emotionally resonate. Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, designers and co-founders of Dinosaur Designs, have found success from their acute observations of nature and ability to translate those observations. Dinosaur Designs resin work, started by the couple in Strawberry Hills in Sydney Australia, consists of unique jewelry and homeware designs.

Although resin is a material that is synthetic by nature, Louise and Stephen have found methods that harness its special earthly qualities. Resin lends itself to a variety of forms, can be polished to an incredible softness and may be dyed allowing one to work with color extensively. The Large Sunshine Bowl in tortoise, for example, displays a dark smoky brown which swirls within a warm amber base. This technique creates an effect reminiscent of nature, yet with an edge that is uniquely otherworldly.

Louise and Stephen’s strength lies in their intense care and eye for craftsmanship. Each resin object begins as a hand sculpted clay form. They smartly carve and never overwork their designs, always leaving evidence of human touch. The finished prototypes are then used to make a mold for resin. After the resin has dried, the objects are hand finished by sanding and polishing. This process, step-by-step, is linked to the human hand with a strong artistic sensibility; “Stephen and I both studied painting and drawing at Sydney University of Art and Design Sydney. We came from a very artistic background, I think that really informed our resin work when we first started. Resin is a lot like paint. It moves and flows in the same way paint does and has an incredible range” Louise shared with us “We love seeing how each of our customers utilizes their own pieces. There’s no right or wrong way; it’s open to their own interpretation.”

This ambiguity is the joy of the natural forms created by Dinosaur Designs. They have clear utilitarian purpose but also carry a sculptural presence that can easily stand alone. The hand forged process guarantees that each piece carries slight irregularities, bumps, and grooves. An organic nature that equips Dinosaur Designs with a raw beauty one cannot help but be attracted to. To polish it off, the resin objects are finished to a textual softness that is clean and pure. Stephen and Louise’s talent for poetically arranging color and form hits a nerve with our primal sensibilities. A simplicity and tactile charm that keeps us curious and wanting more.

dinosaur designs resin


Photography: Cody MacCready
Writing: Kate Bonsted

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