William Yeoward is the designer and father of renown William Yeoward Crystal. Yeoward had such an immense love for crystal, he dreamed of creating a collection in the style of traditional British crystal of the 18th and 19th centuries. This vision was able to come to fruition with the help of third generation crystal designer Timothy Jenkins. The pair bonded over their appreciation of crystal and became determined to create magnificent crystal pieces, crafted in the modern day using traditional methods and styling. William Yeoward Crystal was born, first showing in 1996. The crystal is extremely well crafted and exudes elegance and beauty that only fine crystal can. Yeoward’s crystal designs have since expanded to carry modern forms with minimal styling as well as the traditional, ornate finishing. William Yeoward Crystal is a beauty to observe and a pleasure to use, pieces that employ you to sip slow and enjoy.
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