Stephen Duren
The artist Stephan Duren currently resides in Western Michigan. Duren’s artwork is often semi-abstract and rich in color and texture, his pallet, at times, displays a bold vibrancy while at others shifts in a relaxed manner among warm, subdued tones. Duren grew up in northern California. Elements of the California country landscape still have a strong presence in his work, such as the rolling hills and warm light. He has also found inspiration in the work of European Impressionists and Barbizon School painters. Duren often paints out in nature, studying his favorite subject intimately. Stephan Duren’s paintings are a celebration of the wonder, and the astounding beauty nature can provide. His works come in various sizes and are certainly pieces one can fall in love with. Stephen Duren art is highly sought after and can be found in many prestigious collections across Michigan and California.
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