Royal Copenhagen is a brand that creates porcelain products, and has done so since 1775. As one of the oldest brands in existence, it is not surprising that Royal Copenhagen has the highest respect for traditional craftsmanship and quality. All of Royal Copenhagen’s porcelain dishes and dinnerware pieces are made and painted by hand. These highly trained artisans beautifully render the traditional designs with an impeccable eye for detail. Here at Huzza we carry the Blue Fluted Half Lace, Royal Copenhagen’s first porcelain dinner service design, created in 1775 by Arnold Krong, along with its contemporary Blue Fluted Mega design, a reinterpretation of the original pattern with a clean, modern sentiment, designed in 2000 by Karen Kjældgaard-Larsen. Royal Copenhagen porcelain pieces are a true celebration of art, tradition and craftsmanship.
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