Robin Mix’s unmatched passion and revolutionary techniques have led him to be one of the greatest glassblowing artists of our time. Currently his studio resides in an 18th century farmhouse within the beautiful countryside of Vermont. His craft has been perfected over a 35 year span, both by working under some of Sweden’s most influential designers and through his intense studying of ancient Venetian techniques. His glassblown art stands in a category on its own, because every piece is not only designed, but hand-made by Robin himself; this allows the creation of the highest quality products. As one of America’s first glassblowers to work in the style of Murrini, which is recognized by its bold squares and vibrant bands of color, it enables him to create a free flowing look that cannot be achieved by other standard methods. He is one of the only glassblowers to mix his own colors, so each vivid jewel tone in his work is meticulously mixed by hand. A Robin Mix piece insures that you own something not only one of a kind but that will stand the test of time.
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