Parabellum leather goods company was founded by Jason Jones and Mike Feldman in Los Angeles. Hailing from a family of makers and collectors, Jones and Feldman work to create, what is rare today, items that display impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. They strive to create luxury goods that last a lifetime and beyond. Parabellum leather comes from American Bison, treated in a family run micro-tannery that carefully develops the leather to showcase the naturally dense texture and luxurious softness of buffalo hide. The buffalo are raised on Free Range American Bison ranches, where the strength and heritage of this lovely creature is celebrated and cherished. The Parabellum Collection is outfitted with handmade copper, and Military Grade Ceramic hardware, offering a unique iconic look with incredible strength and durability. Parabellum is 100% handcrafted American perfection.

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