MiN New York

Chad Murawczyk established MiN New York in SoHo in 1999 as a purveyor of beauty and grooming products. Murawczyk and fellow curator Mindy Yang, seek the world's finest with the guiding principle of “the world doesn't need more products. It needs better products”. This search, along with the brand's deep connection with New York City, spurred MEMBERS ONLY's inception, a limited edition candle collection celebrating élite clubs of New York City’s past: the Union Club, Casa Blanca, and Mudd Club.

In the MEMBERS ONLY collection each club serves as an iconic beacon of its respective time, capturing visual aesthetics and presence of the era. MiN New York displays its expertise in olfactory design with scents that truly depict the differing club atmospheres. MEMBERS ONLY is the first “eco-luxury” candle collection and a limited-edition product; each candle is hand crafted from the finest raw materials in Stoke-on-Trent England. MEMBERS ONLY candles are presented in beautiful bone china vessels, a specialty of Stoke-on-Trent manufacturing, which have been adorned with hand-gilded gold or platinum.

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