Marmol Radziner Jewelry

Marmol Radziner's Jewelry was inspired when Design Principal Ron Radziner of Marmol Radziner Architectural Firm couldn’t find jewelry that worked for him and his personal aesthetic. Looking for a happy medium between “flashy” and “dull”, the Marmol Radziner Jewelry line was created.

The line consisting of rings, bracelets, and pendants is created using commercial-grade bronze and brass. All the jewelry is handmade in their Los Angeles workshop.

Each piece is unique and no two finishes are the same. As the jewelry is worn over time the patina of the dark finish will become lighter and the natural finishes will become darker, making each piece truly personal.

Beyond jewelry design, Marmol Radziner is an accomplished architectural firm designing exteriors, interiors, landscape and furniture. The multifaceted business aims to create elegant design that encourages a strong connection to nature, this is accomplished through sustainable material implementation along with a keen eye for flow between natural and manmade spaces. Click here to view to the gorgeous architectural designs from this talented team.

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