Forge De Laguiole
Forge de Laguiole is a knife manufacturing company founded, in Laguiole France in 1987, to restore the creation of the Laguiole knife. The history of the Laguiole knife begins in 1829 with Pierre-Jean Calmels, a blacksmith who conceived of the idea for a hybrid knife combining the capuchadou and navaja (traditional Spanish folding knife) models of the day. The Laguiole knife was quickly adapted by farmers and cattle herders, in the late 19th century, with the adoption of handles made from ivory and other ornamental materials, the knife became a stylish accessory amongst the French bourgeoisie. Today, the Laguiole knife continues to arouse aesthetic interest. The most authentic Laguiole can only be found at the Forge de Laguiole: the only manufacturer of the knife located in Laguiole. Forge de Laguiole celebrates and elevates the knife’s heritage through thoughtful design and the use of new technology and quality materials.
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