Founded in 1908, in Belgium, Demeyere cookware produces stainless steel culinary utensils. Demeyere is a family-owned company that has been committed to technological innovation over the years. The brand has personally developed new pan surface treatments to ensure the best cooking experience. Demeyere engineers and designers have talked extensively with renowned chefs, cooks, and housewives worldwide to create products that are user friendly and specific to the needs of the user. Design, and a pleasing aesthetic has also been a point of interest for Demeyere. The company collaborates with internationally renowned designers, such as John Pawson, to create kitchenware that owners love to have on display. John Pawson, a British architect, launched a kitchenware collection with Demeyere in 2008, with the aim to create “something which looked different, but right, equally at home over a flame or on a table – modern but not modish and thus liable to lose its freshness quickly”. John Pawson for Demeyere is a cookware collection that binds the best of sophisticated design and innovative functionality.

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