Cire Trudon
Cire Trudon has been producing candles of the highest quality since 1643. Cire Trudon began to supply to some of the biggest churches, and was noted for their superior wax and craftsmanship, the company was deemed a luxury from the start. In 1737 Hierosme Trudon purchased the largest wax factory of the time solidifying Cire Trudon as the supplier of candles to the elite and Versailles until the end of its reign. The company has survived and prospered over the centuries, making candles for Napoleon Bonaparte and now for you. Cire Trudon candles are sophisticatedly fragrant, lively aromas that impart individual stories. Choosing a fragrance not only sends lovely smells into your home but also helps to define the mood and presence of your space. Here at Huzza we are proud to carry Abd El Kader, Balmoral, Dada, Ernesto, Nazareth, Odalisque, Pondichery, Proletaire and Mademoiselle de la Valliere. To keep your Cire Trudon candle burning strong be sure allow the entire surface of the candle to melt.
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