Andrée Putman was profoundly influential, energetic, bold and avant-garde transforming the norms of interior architecture and design. Andrée had an artistic upbringing in France, she studied composing extensively and as a young adult surrounded herself with artists she admired: Giacometti, Antonin Artaud, Juliette Greco...she was inspired by their commitment to their work and began to pursue a closer relationship with art and design. Putman’s dislike of frivolous excess and her constant pursuit for the true essence of an object or space made her a natural designer. Her collaboration with Forge de Laguiole and her daughter Olivia in the creation of the Laguiole knife occurred in 2008. The very first Laguiole knife inspired the design, resulting in a sleek and straightforward knife celebratory of the French knife heritage. Andrée Putman spent a lifetime evolving through her work in design and interior exploration.
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