Alice Goldsmith is a ceramic artist, living and working from New York City. Goldsmith had an innate attraction to working on the potter’s wheel; she worked in a porcelain studio in exchange for studio time and taught herself the art of pottery. Today her porcelain pottery displays the look of a master ceramicist. Goldsmith’s pottery is unique for its multi-step glazing techniques, allowing textures to overlay and evolve differently on every object. Her porcelain pieces have dueling personalities, featuring glaze finishes that sometimes are rough, similar to that of a rock or shell, as well finishes that are smooth and peaceful. Her ceramics are microwave and dishwasher safe. Alice Goldsmith dinnerware, styled in the likeness of the Large Morning Glory Bowl, can be special ordered through Huzza in multiple color ways including Transparent, Husk, Rain, Fawn, Crimson, Hurricane, Celadon and Solid Bronze.

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