Fornasetti Profumi

STYLE #210000002811

Fornasetti’s Burlesque Votive Candle is a part of the Fornasetti Profumi per La Casa collection, a series of decorative home fragrance objects. The Burlesque Votive candle will fill your room with a dreamy aroma of Mediterranean herbs and warm woods. The candles are poured into hand-crafted ceramic encasements each displaying an iconic image by the acclaimed artist Piero Fornasetti. The Burlesque Votive Candle is a magical combination of classic ceramic form, art, and aroma: an elixir of life for your home décor.

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Use + Trim wick before use.
Material/Fabrication + 100% Vegetal Wax, Ceramic
SKU + 1FP006
Country of Manufacturer + Made in Italy
Capacity/Volume/Quantity + 10.5 oz

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