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The Merchant’s Chest, also called a Tansu, has origins dating back to Japan’s Meiji period and is crafted from Paulownia / Kiri wood which comes from a tree popularly known as the Empress Tree. The tree is said to be an omen of good fortune, because from its branches is the only place a phoenix can ignite and be reborn. Besides its good luck, the wood has a flash point double that of other similar Japanese wood, making it perfect for storing precious mementos in your home. The hardware is hand-forged iron in the style of Kakute, which mimics ninja armor from that period. This authentic piece expresses an unique and ethic vibe perfect for any eclectic homeowner.

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Material/Fabrication + Paulownia / Kiri Wood, Iron
SKU + 1IG002
Dimensions + 27" W x 14" D x 29.6" H
Country of Manufacturer + Made in Japan

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